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Deck Description

Revisiting a deck I played for a few weeks, but with a few tweaks (which are currently untested).

The Initial idea for going Gruul with Delirium was because of all the red cars with extra costs of discarding cards, which I figured would help hit delirium reliably.

My first attempt at Gruul Delirium is here:

How to Play

The game plan is to hit Delirium asap, then repeatedly beat face with ever growing creatures.

Noose Constrictor; Lightning Axe; and Vessel of of Nascency help get Delirium early.

Gnarlwood Dryad; Obsessive Skinner; and Soul Swallower are the main attack force, though Lupine Prototype can come online pretty early too.

Lupine Prototype is both for discarding, which adds two types to Delirium, and for taking advantage of all the self discard.

Chandra, Flamecaller will be discarded 90% of the time to trigger Delirium, but in the off chance that the game goes on long enough, she's also a nice way to lean the game in my favour.

Evolving Wilds is the ideal turn one play. It not only fetches the colour I need, but it also adds a land to the graveyard for Delirium.

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