Heartless Titans

by DedWards on 11 December 2017

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Deck Description

Mono black Heartless Summoning deck with some of the best big black / artifact creatures.

Deathbringer Regent is a filler for Tetzimoc, Primal Death.

How to Play

The main idea is to play big creatures earlier than they should be played.

> Heartless Summoning: Best turn 2 play. Lowers cost of all your creatures by {2}. This reduction is so good that the -1/-1 downside is almost negligent. Run 4 because it's key, but never put more than 1 on the battlefield.
> Wayfarer's Bauble: Guaranteeing Heartless Summoning on turn 2 is difficult, so I included a substitute. The Bauble ramps by 1, which is slightly slower than Heartless, but it doesn't come with the -1/-1 downside. And any of these big creatures is a real threat even if only one turn early.

The Titans:
> Grave Titan: Not only is it a big creature with deathtouch, if left unchecked, it creates an army.
> Wurmcoil Engine: Possibly the best artifact creature at its cmc. 6/6 (5/5 under Heartless Summoning) lifelink often swings games into very favourable games. Also somewhat resilient to removal.
> Kokusho, the Evening Star: I'm normally against 4x legends, but Kokusho's death trigger is so good that I want to trigger it as often as possible.
> Tetzimoc, Primal Death: Mass removal on a stick, but requires setup. Like Kokusho, the ability is so good that 4x is welcome.
> Phyrexian Metamorph: Only thing better than playing big threats for cheap is copying them at an even lower cost :p

> Languish: A sweeper that the Titans can survive.
> Go for the Throat: The earliest the Titans come out in this deck is turn 4. Thays 3-4 turns for the opponent to build their army, so culling their numbers, even only by 1, will help a lot.
> Sign in Blood: Can't play cheap Titans if you don't have any in hand. Can also turn it on the opponent as a "Shock" to the face in the late game.

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