History Repeats Itself

by DedWards on 10 October 2018

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Deck Description

Fun little idea I had after realising Sagas trigger just after the draw step (preventing multiple upkeep shenanigans, like Paradox Haze).

How to Play

This deck is all in on it's combo, and that combo is:

Get Starfield of Nyx out with 2 History of Benalia either in play, in the graveyard, or both.
During your upkeep, use Starfield's ability to Reanimate a History, getting you Chapter [I]. Then get chapter [II] right after you draw, resulting in two "free" Knight tokens in one turn.
In your next Upkeep, reanimate a second History, getting its [I], move to just after your draw to get [II] and the first History's [III].

End result, the History's themselves never reanimate to Starfield's ability (nor does Starfield), but you get a constant stream of 2/2's that are 4/3's on your turn.

BoP and Elf help ramp into Starfield, and a possible turn 2 History. Temple and Canopy can both be untapped by Elf, effectively letting Elf tap for either colour.

Benefaction of Rhonas and Commune with the Gods hit both creatures and enchantments, helping dig for combo pieces or mana dorks. And dumping extra enchantments into the grave is okay as Starfield reanimates them.

Vessel of Nascency works similar to Benefaction and Commune, but also hits lands, and can be reused through Starfield's reanimation ability.

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