by DedWards on 20 November 2017

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Deck Description

Working on a deck featuring some of my favourite non-aggro red cards.

I still need to acquire:
3 Draconic Roar (2 for the deck, 1 more to have a set)
1 Thunderbreak Regent

How to Play

The plan is simple: burn the opponent's stuff and attack with dragons.

The non-Dragons:
Anger of the Gods and Pyroclasm deal with multiple threats at once.
Lightning Blot; Skred; and Draconic Roar deal with single targets.
Mind Stone and Coldsteel Heart ramp into Dragons.

The Dragons:
Goblin Dark-Dwellers is an honorary dragon. It has combat evasion in Menace and recasts any instant or sorcery I've already played.
Glory Bringer has haste and can ping off a creature every other turn.
Thunderbreak Regent punishes the opponent for using targeted removal.
Stormbreath Dragon is an all star here. It costs 5, making it immune to Fatal Push and Abrupt Decay. It's base thoughness is 4, putting it just out of Bolt range. Protection from White means Path and any other white card van touch it.

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  • Modern
  • Mono Red
  • Dragon

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