Intruder, Identify Yourself

by DedWards on 31 March 2017

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Deck Description

With Fling being spoiled as being Standard legal with the release of Amonkhet, I knew a slew of deck builders would link it to Ravenous Intruder to harken back to Fling + Atog. This is just my jab at it.

The sideboard just contains other cards I'm considering. Although, Shock is a definite sideboard inclusion because of Saheeli Rai + cat.

The lands are iffy at the moment. Foreboding Ruins is a place holder for Canyon Slough.

How to Play

So, the main idea is to get Ravenous Intruder out with enough artifacts to sacrifice and deal +-10 damage to the opponent, then Fling the Intruder for the final +-10 damage. I know this is a pipe dream, so I included a number of other sacrifice outlets and an alternative win condition in Pia's Revolution.

> Pia's Revolution will either deal damage per artifact sacrificed, or return said artifact to your hand (opponent's choice).
> The Implements draw you cards when sacrificed.
> Servo Schematic is a total of 3 artifacts for your sacrifice outlets, all at the cost of {2}.
> Ornithopter + Pia's Revolution + Ravenous Intruder / Defiant Salvager = a lot of damage to the opponent OR a really big creature to Fling (enter evil laughter here).

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  • Standard
  • Amonkhet
  • Fling
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  • Sacrifice
  • Ravenous Intruder

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