Korlash, Heir to Blackblade

by DedWards on 22 December 2017

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Deck Description

A minor update to my Korlash deck with some more recent cards added in.

FYI, I have and use 4x alt art, dated foil Korlash :D

How to Play

The Idea is to ramp early, then use the number of swamps to my advantage.

Korlash's Grandeur is the biggest ramp here, but this needs a Korlash already out. So Wayfarer's Bauble and Wanderer's Twig are the early ramp cards. You want to start with one of these in your opening hand.

Because this deck is pretty slow in the beginning, Mutilate helps clear the board while Gifted Aetherborn and Vampire Nighthawk regain any life lost in the early turns.

Lashwrithe is an all star here. On its own it is {4} for a large creature, thanks to "Living Weapon". But when coupled with the other creatures in here, it becomes much better. Equipped to the vampires you can gain a lot of life, quipping Korlash makes him stupidly large, and in rare cases when not Transmuting Dimir House Guard, I can have a large creature with Fear. Lashwrithe also keeps any non Germ creature alive when playing a Mutilate.

Dimir House Guard's primary role is to tutor up Korlash, Lashwrithe, or Mutilate.

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  • Modern
  • Mono Black
  • Korlash
  • Ramp

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Deck discussion for Korlash, Heir to Blackblade

How many people did MTGGoldfish inspire? xD You're the fifth person I saw building this today.
That said, Dimir House Guard as a playset is something I love. The lack of Kalitas - not so much. Just as I am not a fan of the lack of either card draw, Lili or Inquisition.

Posted 25 December 2017 at 18:18


lol. It's less that they inspired me and more that they reminded me about it. I've been working on this since Korlash was printed (I have 4 alt art dated foils). Lashwrithe took the deck from "OK" to "Pretty Decent".

Because I'm building this on the side, with stuff I can easily get my hands on (kind of budget, despite having all full art swamps), I have not included Kalitas, Lili, nor the good discard like Inquisition because I just don't have them. Also makes this somewhat "fair" when I play against the newer players in the club. Sadly, Ponza has eaten up most of my MTG budget over the last two years.

Posted 27 December 2017 at 23:00


Have you considered Rings of Brighthearth in place of the Wanderer's Twig. I understand if it's not in the deck due to cost issues. I just think it could really put this deck over the top.

Posted 31 December 2017 at 17:39


That is more of a space problem than a cost problem. The only reason I included the two twigs was because the deck suffers without the turn one land ramp play. Thinking about it now, maybe I should replace the twigs with Renegade Map?

Posted 01 January 2018 at 20:13


dang. this is way different than the original. lol... :)
looks pretty fun to play though.

Posted 17 February 2018 at 23:29


It is a lot of fun, but slow. Mutilate outdoes Damnation here as it even kills creatures that are Indestructible and / or have Regenerate.

Posted 18 February 2018 at 10:22


Yeah, mutilate is very good mono black. - 4/-4 at the very least which is enough to kill most anything anyway. And it simply gets more powerful the longer the game goes on. Since this is a slower deck anyways it seems that would certainly be beneficial.

Posted 18 February 2018 at 18:07