Korlash, Master of the Swamp

by DedWards on 20 September 2021

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Deck Description

Yet another iteration of my Korlash deck

How to Play

Use Korlash's Grandeur to ramp into multiple Swamp, and take advantage of the large number of Swamps.

Korlash, Heir to Blackblade is what the deck is based around, specifically his Grandeur ability. This is also why a lot of the cards in here care about Swamps.

Wayfarer's Bauble is arguably the most important card in the deck as it allows you to ramp into 4 mana on turn 3.

Gifted Aether born is just early game life gain, especially good against aggro. It's also a good equip target for Lashwrithe.

Mutilate is my sweeper of choice for this deck. It combos well with Lashwrithe as an equiped a non-Germ creature will survive Mutilate.

Lashwrithe is the other key artifact in the deck. In addition to coming in with a Germ attached, it also combos fairly well with other cards in the deck.

Dimir House Guard tutors for Korlash, Mutilate, Dread Presence, and Lashwrithe. It also has Fear, so it's a good candidate to equip Lashwrithe to.

Dread Presence provides value for all the Swamps entering the battlefield.

Ghoulcaller's Chant is largely to combo with Korlash's Grandeur ability. Because Korlash is a zombie, Chant returns 2 of him to hand.

Fatal Push is for those early / cheap creatures that need to die.

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Deck discussion for Korlash, Master of the Swamp

Nice deck!! I especially like the synergy around swamps! At first I was dubious about the Wayfarer's Bauble, (thinking that instead a shambling ghast would also work nicely)... but then you convinced me (after reading your description).

I have a similar deck that I created a few years back featuring Lashwrithe: https://www.mtgvault.com/tinytone/decks/obliteration/

I wonder how these 2 beasts would fare if pitted against each other ;)

Posted 21 September 2021 at 16:27


The unique (as far as I know) thing about [[Wayfarer's Bauble]] is it puts the land onto the battlefield. Most, if not all, other 1 mana Artifacts put the land into your hand. This is a VERY important difference.
Shambling Ghast is a great card if you only need the ramp short term (because you sacrifice the Treasure) and its another body on the board, but it needs to die before your get its value.

As for putting our decks against each other, I believe mine would come out on top more often than not due to one factor: consistency.
Your deck has some nice things going for it, but far too many 1x cards. Having 3x and 4x cards increases the chances of drawing them, making it so that you can draw the cards you need / want more often. It would feel really bad if you need one type of removal because the one on hand doesn't affect what you need to remove.

Posted 22 September 2021 at 08:26


Corrupt could be a decent finisher. Maybe drop 1 Ghoulcaller's Chant for 1 Corrupt?

Posted Wednesday at 19:41


Not really belonging to this deck but I didn't know how to reach you otherwise.
Do you know if there is a card like Extirpate/ Surgical Extraction that lets you name, search and discard all cards with this name into your graveyard (Rather then exile them)

Posted Friday at 09:21


Buried Alive I think is the closest you'll get.

Posted Friday at 13:28