(Pauper) Land Go Boom

by DedWards on 23 April 2021

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Deck Description

I really like Ponza style decks, and recently I've been looking into Pauper. This is born from the idea of a Ponza list in Pauper.

How to Play

Destroy lands, play big creatures, and (hopefully) win.

Arbor Elf; Utopia Sprawl; and Wild Growth help ramp into the bigger creatures, as well as allow for turn two land destruction plays. In most cases, just one of these allows for a 3 cmc LD on turn 2, but if you play Arbor Elf on turn 1, then enchant an untapped Forest on turn 2 with Utopia Sprawl or Wild Growth, you can have 4 mana for a turn 2 Mwonvuli Acid-Moss.

For LD spells, I could have used the likes of Pillage and Molten Rain, but as the deck leans heavy on green for ramp, and having that turn 2 LD being so important, the LD spells were chosen for mana efficiency. Stone Rain only requires 1 red mana, and Thermokarst is a green 3 mana LD.
Mwonvuli Acid-Moss can fetch Highland Forest as it is a Forest.
Mold Shambler can be kicked to destroy any non-creature permanent, including lands.
With all the LD spells, Thresher Beast's effect becomes a real conundrum for the opponent.
The Annihilator 2 on Ulamog's Crusher after a few LD spells meas the opponent will need to start sacrificing non-lands fairly often.

Lightning Bolt and Skred are the deck's spot removal. There are pesky things that get through all the LD effects that can cause problems in the early game.

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Deck discussion for (Pauper) Land Go Boom

Again. Super tight list. Not sure what matchups this would struggle against maybe except walls combo and elves or affinity maybe? I guess an early duress or something could maybe throw this off also? Just trying to think of sideboard suggestions since its not filled in yet. I think Relic of Progenitus is probably a good one- just as a hedge against fast reanimator decks and mono black- plus it'll screw up other gruul decks running pulse of murasa or something that can get their lands back from the yard? Is electrickery better than fiery cannonade for the sweeper? Elves do have 2 toughness creatures and i think they sometimes run spidersilk armor post board- plus I feel like the mana difference is negligible because ur ramping pretty hard anyway- should be easy to get it out by turn 2 if need be and it'll deal with more things? I also feel like gorilla shaman might be worth considering even as an addition to grudge to shut down affinity. This probably already hoses tron nonsense haha... Maybe calming verse for bogles? They can probably get underneath this deck occasionally. And calming verse allows the ability to protect ur ramp auras you might get out. I think thats all I got. Anyway good luck with it! The list looks great and the not finished sideboard triggered my OCD so i just wanna see it finished XD so it feels complete to me.

My one suggestion for the main- I'm always thinking of dumb 1 of land things that can be squeezed into the manabase when its possible- First thought was gingerbread cabin because its like a free "lightning bolt counterspell" on a card and theres not much opporutnity cost lost to it other than for skred (but you'd have 21 snow lands vs 22 which i dont think is big) and gingerbread cabin probably will come into play untapped most of the time. I realized that it didnt do what I wanted it to do with acid-moss because it forces it into play tapped (that would have been sick if it wasnt that way). then i thought- hey! Why not play singleton desert? Deals with 1 toughness creatures if you get it (even flyers which you cant block so maybe like faeries or something that can get underneath the land destruction potentially)- its a repeatble removable spell on a land- and maybe thats enough to replace electrickery with fiery canonade. Covers more bases maybe? anyway yeah. Good luck with the list! +1

Also i love how utopia sprawl alone is responsible for like 90% of the total monetary value of this build haha

Posted 24 April 2021 at 15:52