Pia & Bontu Aristocrats

by DedWards on 30 April 2017

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Deck Description

Just a little idea I'm considering for Standard.

I know Fatal Push would be perfect in here, but I currently can't get my hands on any.


I'm torn between this RB build and this WB build:
Both have their pros and cons, but I can only afford to invest in one of them.


Decided to stick with Orzhov. This is what I'll be running at Standard FNM in the foreseeable future:
Oh, and I managed to get a set of Fatal Push. Yay me :D

How to Play

Sacrifice for bonuses is the main theme of the deck.

> Bontu the Glorified: Sacrifices creatures to attack.
> Ravenous Intruder: Sacrifices artifact to get a P/T boost.
> Pia's Revolution: Either damages the opponent for nontoken artifacts dying or returns them to hand to be used with Bontu or Ravenous again.
> Filigree Familiar: Draws a card upon death, and gains life when entering the battlefield.
> Ornithoptor: Costs {0}. This + Pia's Revolution + Ravenous Intruder makes for some tough choice(s) for the opponent.
> Workshop Assistant: returns any Artifact from the graveyard. I'm interested to see what the opponent's choice will be when this dies while Pia's Revolution is out.
> Servo Schematic: The only noncreature artifact in here. It's 3 artifacts for Ravenous Intruder for {2}.
> Weaponcraft Enthusiast: {2}{B} for 3 creatures, 2 of which are artifacts.
> Dread Wanderer: This is largely for Bontu as it keeps retuning itself from the graveyard.

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Deck discussion for Pia & Bontu Aristocrats

I'm a huge aristocrat style fan, and I'm going to have to sleeve this up for sure.

Posted 02 May 2017 at 20:39


Let me know how it runs, because I'm leaning towards a BW build:

It's my first time playing any form of Aristocrats, though I've played against quite a few. I'd like to know how well they run and / or any personal changes you'd make

Posted 02 May 2017 at 21:14