Selesnya Militia

by DedWards on 31 August 2017

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Deck Description

Selesnya Multicolour Value / Beatdown idea. Not sure about Ready...

How to Play

Except for BoP, which allows earlier plays of all the 3 and 4 mana cards, and about earlier activation of Fleecemane Lion's Monstrosity, all creatures where chosen to benefit from Wilt-Leaf Liege's double Anthem effect. Additionally, most of the chosen creatures have power higher than their mana cost.

So the idea is to play mana efficient creatures and attack the opponent with them.

Not sure on Ready // Willing, but it does two things I like. Firstly, it's a mainboard answer to most Wrath effects, and it untaps for surprise blocking. It can also be used on the attack to help keep the creatures alive. The Willing half will almost never be used, but can be with the help of BoP.

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  • Modern
  • Selesnya
  • Beatdown

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