Selesnya Shift

by DedWards on 11 January 2018

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Deck Description

Reviving an old Standard deck I ran, with a few minor updates.

How to Play

The original idea was to get as much value out of Cloudshift's and Restoration Angel's blink effect as possible. At the time, Soubond was a thing, but I wanted more value than just the bonds.

Birds of Paradise does more than just ramp into some of the bigger threats in here. Wen you no longer need the mana, you can put Rancor on it to hit for 2 in the air, or better yet, bond it with Wolfir Silverheart to swing for 4 in the air.

Bonding Wolfir With Paladin results in a 6/6 and a 8/8, both with Double Strike. bonding two Wolfir to each other gives you two 12/12's.

Loxodon Smiter and Strangleroot Geist are just very good beat sticks for the cmc, but when you start bonding them, they become extremely good beat sticks.

In addition to the +2/+2 and trample that Selesnya Charm grants to push for extra damage, the token it creates is a good surprise soulbond as the Charm is an instant. There's also a little trick where you can Rancor the opponent's creature to make it a legal target for the Charm's exile effect (you will get Rancor back in hand).

Now for the blink tricks:
> Blinking any creature saves it from targeted removal.
> Blinking a creature that's bonded breaks the Soulbond, allowing you to rebond with another creature, like the one that went unblocked on an attack, or to make Angel an even better blocker.
> Blinking returns the creature untapped, giving you a surprise blocker.
> Blinking the Geist "removes" the +1/+1 counter from it, allowing its Undying to work once more.

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Deck discussion for Selesnya Shift

You can also use Momentary Blink in this deck. The flashback could make it worth more than Cloudshift.

Posted 15 February 2018 at 15:45