Starfield of Benalia

by DedWards on 22 February 2019

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Deck Description

An idea born of the realisation that Starfield of Nyx can reanimate Sagas and get the first 2 chapters in the same turn.

How to Play

Vessel of Nascency; Commune with the Gods; and Benefaction of Rhonas dig for Starfieldbof Nyx while binning History of Benalia to be reanimated later.

Arbor Elf; Utopia Sprawl; and Birds of Paradise to ramp into an early Starfield.

Greater Auramancy protects combo pieces.

Once Starfield is out and at least 2 History are in the graveyard, the combo is assembled. This is how the following turns should play:

The first turn of the combo:

Untap: n/a
Upkeep: Starfield reanimates a History, triggering History's 1st chapter.
Draw: Draw a card.
Main Phase 1: History's chapter 2 triggers.
{play whatever is necessary}

Every other turn:
Untap: n/a
Upkeep: Starfield reanimates a History, triggering its 1st chapter.
Draw: Draw a card.
Main Phase 1: This turn's History's chapter 2 triggers.
Previous turn' s History hits chapter 3 (and will be the reanimate target next turn).
{play cards as necessary)
Combat: Attack with buffed Knights.

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  • Modern
  • Reanimate
  • Enchantment
  • Selesnya
  • Combo

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