Stompy Counters

by DedWards on 17 April 2021

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Deck Description

I bought the Green Stompy challenger deck and edited it with cards I already owned, like adding Vorinclex and other cards, leaning towards the +1/+1 counters theme.

I've only played 4x Bo3 games with this so far, so I'm still getting a feel for what direction I want to take this, but I already know I need a set of Gemrazer and Stonecoil Serpent.
While I want a set of Vorinclex, this deck will likely run 3 at most.

While good, Lovestruck Beast might be the first to go once I get more of the other cards I need.

The sideboard is a work in progress.

How to Play

Like most Stompy decks, you play creatures that are (hopefully) bigger than your opponent's creatures, and attack with them. The +1/+1 counter theme is helping us to make our creatures bigger than the opponents' creatures.

I chose Inscription of Abundance as my main piece of interaction. Most times, it's just a fight card, but fairly often, thanks to ramp from Wolfwillow Haven, kicking it is a viable option to turn a close game into a game more in your favour.

Speaking of the ramp, thanks to a combination of Wolfillow Haven and Castle Garenbrig, it is possible to get Vorinclex out on turn 4. On turn 2 or 3, enchant a land with Wolfwillow Haven, then on turn 4, assuming you've made a land drop every turn, you will have enough mana to activate Castle Garenbrig to get 6 mana for Vorinclex.

I said in the Description that I wanted to lean in on the +1/+1 counters theme. This is why I added Gnarlid Colony. Yes, a lot of the creatures already have trample, but one of the potentially biggest, Yorvo, does not, and Gnarlid Colony give it to him.

On a similar note, Gemrazer's Mutate ability can upgrade these +1/+1 counter heavy creatures by making the base power and toughness 4/4 and granting Trample and Reach. This is especially good on Yourvo, if you Mutate ontop of him, you get to play around the legend rule and play another Yorvo.

And, of course, if you manage to get Vorinclex out early enough, ALL the +1/+1 counters get doubled :D

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