Swarming in Pauper

by DedWards on 22 April 2021

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Deck Description

Modifying an old GW Pauper list I used to run to include Thermo-Alchemist, because it works so well with Sprout Swarm.

This is what I'm looking to put together for a Casual evening at my LGS. Playing Pauper was kind of a last minute idea, so I have to use what's already in my collection.

Thinking of lowering the Bolt count to include some Faithless Looting ??

How to Play

The key idea is to get out a number of creatures that untap themselves, and then use them to help pay for Sprout Swarm + it's buyback.

Thermo-Alchemist untaps when you cast an instant. Sprout Swarm is an instant.
Nettle Sentinel untaps when you cast a green spell. Sprout Swarm is green.
Midnight Guard untaps when a creature enters the battlefield. Sprout Swarm makes a token creature.

Essence and Soul Warden help buy time and are cheap enough to provide some of the convoke cost of Sprout Swarm.

As the Sprout Swarm combo isn't easily made infinite, especially if the opponent has removal, Rally the Peasants helps close out the game by beefing up the team.

As Midnight Guard is in the deck, and I am in the colours, I couldn't not include Presence of Gond to go infinite. Presence of Gond also kind of works on the other 2 untappers, provided you have enough cards to trigger them.

Sideboard (still a WIP) :
Electrickery is for other go wide decks that might assemble faster than we can.
Veteran Armorer helps protect our Swarm from an opponent's Electrickery, or similar.
Vines of Vastwood can protect the Midnight Guard + Presence of Gond combo, bit it can also "counter" a pump spell or Aura targeting an opponent's creature.
Dawn Charm is just my personal favorite Fog effect, that is also surprisingly versatile.

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Deck discussion for Swarming in Pauper

ah this is a tighttttt list. very nice. Only thing maybe worth mentioning is khalni garden? Makes the skreds worse I guess but helps with the token strategy- something to attach gond to if you flood and all else fails. Might not be the call though- I like abusing that card (working on a pauper deck with that being a main component so its on the brain lol) but maybe its still worth a 1 of? I'm also not sure what dawn charm is for though? I feel like mana tithe or moment's peace might be better there if you need those effects- but again not sure what its for. Either case- super tight list. Good work +1

Posted 22 April 2021 at 18:17


Main thing that worries me about Khalni Garden is it enters tapped (as do a LOT of Pauper lands). I will test a few of them next time I play this deck, but won't be editing this list right now.

As for Dawn Charm, as I said, the sideboard is a WIP (work in progress). Dawn Charm, like most charms, is a flexible card and both the fog effect and the counter effect are relvant in my LGS's Pauper meta (Aggro decks, including an infect deck, and burn).

Posted 23 April 2021 at 22:43


Gotcha! Yeah I know the tapped land is slow- but it being a common problem in the format- and also the fact it does affect the battlefield (triggers 3 of the 5 creatures you run and is an extra creature for rally the peasants) vs a normal tapped land seems to mitigate it to me. But i can definitely see it being a pain to see on an opening hand where its ur only green source and you want to cast essence warden or something. In this deck seems like almost free value to me. But the deck looks solid- hope it performs well for you!

Posted 24 April 2021 at 15:14