The Horror, Oh My

by DedWards on 21 April 2016

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Deck Description

Took into account all the suggestions on my deck Oh The Horror ( ) and this is the result. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit in all the suggestions due to space limitations. I'm thinking of moving Ratchet Bomb to sideboard to make room for Mana Leak...

Moved Ratchet Bomb to sideboard and put Mana Leak in its place.

How to Play

Basically the same as "Oh the Horror".

Vampire Hexmage can remove the Ice counters from TITI, but that won't transform it. To transform it, you still need to cast a spell. This can be done as early as turn 3.
Awoken Horror's ability gets rid of Hunted Horror's tokens that where given to the opponent. As does Ratchet Bomb and Echoing Truth.
With so many Instants and Sorceries, Delver was an auto include. Even if Awoken Horror bounces it, it's cheap to recast. Delver can deal a substantial amount of damage while you work to eliminate the Horrors' down sides.
Distortion Strike is interesting. It allows Hunted Horror to bypass the Centaurs it gave the opponent for two turns, thanks to Rebound. It also allows Awoken Horror to attack past any creatures with flash and / or any that came out a turn after it transformed. (thinking of increasing the number I'm using).

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  • Modern
  • Horror
  • Thing in the Ice

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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