Titans of the Heartless Sun

by DedWards on 02 May 2018

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Deck Description

I just aquired a set of Blood Sun, so I thought I'd make a deck using them with what was on hand. I ran a UB Heartless Summoning deck back when it was standard legal, but it's biggest weakness was not drawing Heartless in a timely manner. Hopefully the Blood Sun + bounce lands trick is a good enough backup.

How to Play

Because of how Blood Sun works, with one of them out, the bounce lands enter untapped, does not bounce a land, and still taps for 2 mana. This effectively ramps you mana. But with only 4 cards making the "ramp" viable, I limited them to only 8 out of the 22 as even just ramping once puts you ahead. Thinking of bumping this up to 10 bounce lands, but I don't want to have too many bounces without anything to bounce. Also, no fetch lands as Blood Sun turns them into dead cards.

With Blood Sun's rulings out of the way, here's the plan:
Between Blood Sun's "ramp" and Heartless Summoning's cost reduction, getting the Titans out early should be easy. The rest of the gameplan is just to beat face and abuse the Titans' ETB and attack triggers to control the board.

Looting and Visions to help get to Heartless, Sun, or a Titan. Looting is especially good as Multiple Heartless / Sun are redundant.

Bolt and Push for aggro / early things that hurt before slamming down Titans.

Phyrexian Metamorph is a strangely powerful card here. In addition to doubling up on Titans for a very cheap mana cost, often {1} and 2 life, it can also copy an opponent's creature or artifact.

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