Token Swarm (Pauper)

by DedWards on 24 January 2017

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Deck Description

Current state of my Pauper token deck based around Sprout Swarm (and Presence of Gond).

If I where to go all in on the Midnight Guard + Presence of Gond plan, the deck would be VERY different.

How to Play

Three main ways to produce a lot of / infinite tokens:

Midnight Guard + Presence of Gond

Devoted Druid + Sigil of the Nayan Gods + Presence of Gond

*Sprout Swarm + any of the following:
Midnight Guard
Nettle Sentinel
[Devoted Druid + Sigil of the Nayan Gods]

*Even if you don't get 4 auto untappers, the Sprout Swarm plan makes a LOT of Saprolings, and life off the Wardens. 90+% of my games are won off this.

Veteran Armorer is the main answer to cards like Electrickery. Also helps when blocking against other go wide decks.

Sideboard could use a little work ._.

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  • Pauper
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  • Selesnya
  • Infinite Combo

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Deck discussion for Token Swarm (Pauper)

Nice to see pauper getting out there

Posted 13 February 2017 at 00:26


I would use Llanowar elfs to play the combo a little faster.

Posted 15 February 2017 at 14:57