by DedWards on 21 April 2017

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Deck Description

Never played a Werewolf deck before and I've played against few. This is designed to where I would start playtesting to see what does and doesn't work.

How to Play

Play humans.
Attack with werewoves.

Being a tribal deck, I included lords: Mayor of Avabruck, Immerwolf, and Howlpack Resurgence.
Geier Reach Bandit (once transformed) allows your Werewolves to start with the good side up
Immerwolf keeps your Werewolves good side up.
Kruin Outlaw (once transformed) provides Menace to all your Werewolves.
Lambholt Pacifist, Reckless Waif, and Village Messenger at just cheap (mana wise), efficient Aggro Werewolves.
In addition to being a Fog, which helps you be more aggressive, Moonmist can be used at the end of a turn to transform all your humans.
Lightning Bolt was added as you always need some early removal.

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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