Rakdos Discard Burn

by DethMeth on 06 December 2013

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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Deck discussion for Rakdos Discard Burn

In my experience running discard you either want to commit to nihil stone, affliction, or rack. I'm the biggest fan of nihil stone. Sure, it needs quest counters so you can't surprise your opponent like you can with affliction and drop three of them in one turn when their hand is empty but the five life is great. Running all three of these conditions just feels like too much. Drawing into these without ways to make them effective is just devastating.

Where are your one drop discards? Inquisition, duress, thoughtsieze, despise? Knowing what your up against and anticipating the next moves are crucial. Why waste a lightning bolt or terminate on a creature when you can just dispose of it turn one without ever having to think twice about what mana you should be leaving open later.

Blazing Specter has haste ;)

Liliana's caress? Pretty nasty whenever you unload a return and you get an extra two damage for each card they drop.

Liliana's reaver? Forces a discard or a block and even if they are empty handed you STILL get a zombie.

Liliana? Lol.

I understand im throwing a lot of heavy black options out there but thats just where the best discard support is. Don't gete wrong, I LOVE splashing red for blightning, terminate, and return.

Just some suggestions from my own experiences, I hope you dig it man! Like the deck!

Posted 24 February 2015 at 06:59