Afterlife (Heaven/Hell)

by digital_mayhemx on 06 January 2013

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Deck Description

This is an angel and demon legacy theme deck. It started out as a chess deck with equal parts black and white. However, since then I've been trying to make it more playable whilst still sticking to the theme.

I'd appreciate any help in refining this deck.

How to Play

Early in the game I rely on my lever-cost angels like "Angelic Page" for field presence and attempt to generate angel tokens with "Luminarch Ascension" and "Moonsilver Spear". I use "Dawn Charm" as needed in order to prepare "Luminarch Ascension".

As the game progresses, I'll often sacrifice lower level creatures with "Burnt Offering" in order to offset the inherent high mana costs associated with angels and demons.

In order to increase the chance of getting useful cards, I'll use "Scroll of Avacyn" and "Bloodgift Demon" on myself to draw more cards.

Later in the game I tend to rely on one or two strategies:
"Platinum Angel" + "Avacyn, Angel of Hope" to protect myself and my permanents to hit opponents as hard as I can without repercussions. This is the most important combo to set up for this deck's success.

If I can get those two cards on the field before the opponent starts to overwhelm me with their own creatures, I'll attempt to use the following combo on top of the previous one:
"Blood Clock" + "Reiver Demon" - Keep returning Reiver Demon to my hand at the beginning of each of my turns and re-summoning it to wipe as much of my opponent's field as possible while "Avacyn, Angel of Hope" protects my own permanents.

However, if I don't like my opponent's field earlier on, I'm not afraid to use "Reiver Demon" earlier.

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Deck discussion for Afterlife (Heaven/Hell)

I quite enjoy this deck. Been trying to look at Black/ White decks to make my own Black/ White Angel deck and i think a few cards in your deck will be considered. I want to make it very scary. :p Please check out my decks too !

Posted 06 January 2013 at 09:15