Gem or Jank: Giant Burn.

by DNinja89 on 14 June 2021

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Deck Description

What’s going on guys DNinja here and I’m back with another deck. Today’s is Giant burn, it is a burn deck based around Clamity Bearer. I know that I’m missing a key component in Quakebringer however being a budget player/content creator you have to divide your resources as thin as possible. Hope you enjoy the deck and if you want to see it in action it will be on my YouTube channel today (as of posting this). You can find this deck and many others at D-ninja89 or search gem or jank on YouTube.

How to Play

The deck is based around Calamity bearer and Tectonic Giant. We have a ton of removal to keep early aggrieved at bay, card draw, and a way to give everything haste.

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  • Mono Red
  • Burn
  • Tribal
  • Arena
  • Budget
  • Fun

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