Gem or jank: Ooze tribal.

by DNinja89 on 14 August 2021

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Deck Description

What’s going on guys DNinja89 here and I’m back with another Gem or jank. This time I have a super janky one. I call it Umori ooze tribal. I hope you enjoy the deck and if you want to see it in action it will be on my YouTube channel very soon. check out my YouTube channel at D-Ninja89 or search for Gem or Jank.

How to Play

So the deck focuses on getting +1+1s and building a huge army of nasty oozes. To help with this plan we have a metric ton of removal, board wipes, and ways of making our oozes untouchable.

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  • Tribal
  • Golgari
  • Ooze
  • Historic
  • Fun
  • Arena

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Deck discussion for Gem or jank: Ooze tribal.

You are in luck :)
We "just" had a massive spam attack.
It ended at about 02:30 danish time.
In general, look at the deck pages before you post.
If the same user is everywhere, wait a little.
Since we only got what seems to be one troll,
There is an opening to post when he sleeps :)

Posted 14 August 2021 at 17:10


Ok will keep a eye out lol.

Posted 14 August 2021 at 17:14