Gem or jank: Skeleton Swarm.

by DNinja89 on 13 July 2021

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Deck Description

What’s going on guys DNinja89 here and I’m back with another gem or jank. This time we have our very first forgotten realms gem or jank. So I hope you enjoy the deck and if you want to see it in action then check out my YouTube channel. D-ninja89 or search Gem or jank.

How to Play

So the whole crux of the deck revolves around skeletal swarming. Every turn we make 1 to 2 skeleton tokens with trample. The down side is the come in tapped and all skeletons have to attack every turn. However we have more then one way to power up our skeletons. Essentially the deck is one part skeleton tribal and part golari sac for value. So we can keep making 2 tokens every turn, and as the name implies we swarm our opponents out of the game.

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  • Budget
  • Arena
  • Golgari
  • Tribal
  • skeleton
  • Fun

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Deck discussion for Gem or jank: Skeleton Swarm.

Saw the video, 3-1 right ?
How about splashing red for Goblin Bombardment
With cards like asylum Skeleton you can shoot creatures down rather than relying on deathtouch+ram through.

Zombie bombardment has long been a powerhouse in legacy, so skeleton bombardment should be able to get there as well.

I got a brw variant that you might be able to rework into bgr
Decktag: bombardment
Should be arena legal

Posted 25 July 2021 at 22:16


I’ll check it out thanks for the suggestion.

Posted 27 July 2021 at 19:44