Gem or jank: the locust God.

by DNinja89 on 07 July 2021

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Deck Description

What's going on guys DNinja89 here and I’m back with another gem or jank. This time we have the locust god budget deck. I hope you enjoy the deck and if you want to see any of my decks in action then check out my YouTube channel. At D-ninja89, there I play all my gem or janks, Friday night brawls (FNB), and soon my let’s break.

How to Play

So the locust god wants to draw a ton of cards and I thought why not add some mill to that. Since we are going to be drawing so many cards anyway why not starve are opponents of recourses as well.

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  • Draw
  • Mill
  • Budget
  • Fun
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  • the locust god
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Deck discussion for Gem or jank: the locust God.

Sweltering suns might be better than anger of the gods, considering the theme :)

Posted 07 July 2021 at 20:29


Good call I’ll change that.

Posted 07 July 2021 at 20:50


Since a number of cards basically replaces themselves and mill is part of the theme, you could consider some cyclemill
Like fraying sanity and compelling argument. In cases where you don't get teferis or mill would not be so good, you cycle them, otherwise each can end up being a kill card.

Posted 07 July 2021 at 21:13


Fair enough I'll try them out.

Posted 07 July 2021 at 23:40


Cool :)
I think I forgot to tell you about reputation, by the way.
When the site was young it was the intention that you could trade reputation for "cool" effects.
Some of the oldest forums used to have stuff like that, and when you earned enough points you could do wild stuff like have flaming letters or emojis.

For some reason mtgvault never got to that, and it has sort of died out in most places, so theres no real loss.

The way you gain reputation is simply by commenting.
But in case you wondered that's how it works.

Posted 08 July 2021 at 05:09


Ok I was wondering about that lol.

Posted 08 July 2021 at 15:59