Q&A with DNinja.

by DNinja89 on 11 September 2021

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What's going on guys DNinja89 here and I’m back with a small Q&A/why I build decks the way I do. I will be writing on a few topics and this may be lengthy…(that’s what she said!). If you don’t want to read the whole article full of bad grammar and typos. Then just follow this link to my YouTube channel. There will be a video on this article and I will cover all the topics in the video as well as play some magic. Should be on my YouTube channel by Sunday (USA timezone if work and life allows)

I’ll break down each topic into separate paragraphs. Because It’s easier for me to write that way and probably easier for you to read. But for those who are still with me then let’s begin.

Where did my name come from?

While at work one day I had a customer say, “ y’all look like a bunch of Discount Ninjas. “. I thought it was funny so I made a YouTube channel called Discount Ninja89. However, there were like 4 channels with similar names so I just shortened it to D-Ninja89.

The purpose of Gem or jank.

So this one is probably the biggest question, what is an optimized deck? Well, I couldn't find a clear answer to that question. So I'm going to need y'alls help lol. But if you want to put it to a tier list then it would be something like this.

D tier jank: mostly for fun, has a strange theme.
C tier average: decks that are fun to play but can not take on the meta.
B tier Rouge decks: just my Yugioh background coming out. These decks can take on the meta and can become a meta staple if optimized properly.
A tier meta staples: think mono-white control or sultai ultimatum.
S tier meta warping: these decks can not be beaten by any other deck other than another version of the deck. They usually use broken combos or cards. And generally get hit on the forbidden lists. Think uro decks and decks like that.

an optimized deck (in my opinion) would be like a A to A rank deck. While I choose to build most of my decks around C to B tier. My decks are not designed to win or to make new meta staples. My decks are designed to make you think. Maybe you see something that I Don't or it sparks your imagination.

The purpose of Gem or Jank is that I want people to think about what could make this deck better or more competitive. I like to build decks so it shows off the core mechanics of the deck. Think something like a structure deck without most of the filler. I first come up with the core theme of the deck, then pick out some staples of that theme or colors, and finally fill in the gaps.

On the YouTube aspect, when you watch one of my videos odds are those are my first impressions of the deck. I do a very little testing to none at all. So It could be a total dumpster fire or an unknown gem. In other words, I have been very lucky so far.

In conclusion.

When you see one of my decks posted here or on YouTube, think of it as a starting point. Maybe it sparks an idea or maybe with some fine-tuning you could polish one of these decks and make the next big deck. Anyway, I think I have rambled on long enough so this is DNinja and I'm signing out.

How to Play

If you have any thoughts or questions leave them below, also I have a question for all of you. What are your favorite tribes and playstyle? I would love to hear what y'all have to say.

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Deck discussion for Q&A with DNinja.

Link to my youtube channel: https: //youtube.com/channel/UCg2lKNowCzG5C_ZpIGOmZ-w

Posted 11 September 2021 at 16:12


Aggro-control Mill :)

Posted 11 September 2021 at 20:35


I do love me a good aggro deck :)

Posted 12 September 2021 at 00:12


Heh, I meant all rolled into one. A control mill with the capacity for aggro.
Let's float this QA a bit...

Posted 12 September 2021 at 09:15


Gotcha I’ll have to try that! I usually prefer playing a good midrange or tempo deck myself.

Posted 12 September 2021 at 14:33


Did you get around to read this article:

Is pretty relevant to your project...

Posted 12 September 2021 at 19:44


No I haven’t but thanks I will tomorrow I finally get a day off after a 12 day stretch.

Posted 13 September 2021 at 05:19


You should watch covertgoblue (call him cgb) on youtube.
He's posting a video everyday.
Part of the trick is that he records more material on some key days to divide into the days, and he even has an emergency stash if there's problems with the server.

He also has a number of other people who he watches frequently because they are up to date
And he uses his fanbase to pick new decks.

He also don't mind sharing details about how he works, so he should be really valuable to you if you want to learn extra tricks.

It's very impressive how he's been posting more than 900 videos without a halt, and I'm considering to try to post a deck each day in here, so I'm keeping an eye on him.

You will also learn how he deals with haters and voice control and a ton of play psychology.

Posted 13 September 2021 at 12:42


Anyways, it seems like people are too shy to give you feedback.
You did get some likes, but this time you'd probably rather wanted some feedback.

The day I discover the perfect formula for getting answers to questions, I'll give you let you know :)

But I do suspect that telling people you'll do something for them, no strings attached is likely to work as part of the strategy. I've collected 15 good users on my list.

So, one thing you could do, is to look at what those 14 others seem to have in common, or ask them directly, then figure out something they all want to follow and then ask them if they want to influence your work somehow.

Usually it is extremely hard to get people to work on the same thing unless their reward is much larger than your reward and it's very plain to see.

Posted 13 September 2021 at 23:29


Ok also sorry it took so long to respond lol. To be perfectly transparent the phone I’m dealing with for the next couple months has almost 0 memory. So when it comes to new videos I would love to have a bunch lined up but alas I can’t. So I’m forced to record the day of or the day before. Also I will check out his channel and I suppose I try to give people a chance to get something as a reward. But thank you for all the help you have given so far. I really do appreciate it :)

Posted Tuesday at 20:02


You can reward me by doing a co-op on mill.
Or running an experiment on sparky.
I think people do not appreciate the value of sparky.
It's the best tool for analysing how the algorithms on the manabase are working.

It won't have to be now, but I think a sparky vs mill could be fun.
It does have some aggressive decks and first you could play against it with 60 basic lands and note down which turn it kills with its various decks. Then when the most aggressive one is found you start building a mill deck to take it out without removal and blockers other than actual mill cards.

Sparky will never hate you or stall you, making it an actual ally when testing out comboish decks.
The number of games you can run with sparky will probably be so much faster than testing in the wild.

Do a sparky vs mill when you got the time :)

Cgb had some early videos where sparky wasted him, and he has admitted at one point that he uses it to check the manabase of submitted fan decks.

One day sparky will be much more formidable, but it's still a neat tool.

Posted Tuesday at 20:28


Ok, I will as soon as I get time and wild cards.

Posted Tuesday at 20:30


With my background in mill I'll generate a historical mill list for you.

Posted Tuesday at 20:34


That will be be helpful I’ll let you know what cards I have.

Posted Tuesday at 20:51


Create a deck where you list your cards, then make it public, then I'll copy it and tell you to make it unpublic so it won't be an eyesore :)

Posted Tuesday at 21:51


Ok, I do have a post to make for Friday so I’ll make a post with my collection once I’m off work.

Posted Tuesday at 23:18


Yeah, I'm also sleepy today.
It's not necessary to rush it.
But planning ahead, artifact, black and blue will be the primary parts of the deck.

There is one card that you should get 3 of immediately.
Mind Drain while it only mills a few cards it gains you life, and it disrupts ramp and combo.

Posted Wednesday at 01:10


Ok also do you just want a list of all my mill cards or my entire collection?

Posted Wednesday at 13:53


Just the mill and cards you think will be of use.

Posted Wednesday at 19:32


I've compiled a "starter" using commons and uncommons.
There should be plenty of material to design a budget mill to spank sparky with.
I've outlined basic strategies, types of mill decks and a few odd ideas on radical mill decks.

Posted Wednesday at 23:13