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by DNinja89 on 17 September 2021

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What’s going on everyone DNinja89 here and how would you like to have your deck featured on Gem or jank or Friday night brawl? All you need to do is leave a like and a comment with a link to your deck on this page. I’ll play the deck on my YouTube channel and I’ll notify you when the deck is on my YouTube channel.

One thing also to note with brawl decks, if it is not in standard then make a commander deck because I have to play a 100 card brawl deck instead of a normal 60. I will put a list of all the available sets that are on arena and divide them so you know what is in standard or Historic so it saves you a headache. Also just give me some time to collect the cards if I don’t have them in my collection. But I’ll stop rambling so hope you have a great day and I’m DNinja89 and I’m signing out bye now.

List of sets on arena.


Rivals of Ixalan
Core set 2019
Guilds of ravnica
Ravnica allegiance
War of the spark
Core set 2020
Throne of eldraine
Theros beyond death
Ikoria lair of behemoths
Core set 2021


Zendikar rising
D&D adventures in the forgotten realms.
Innastrad midnight hunt.

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Deck discussion for Your deck on YouTube.
My own list, better than most midrange strategies in historic, but I made this a while ago. It's fun to play.

Posted 17 September 2021 at 09:41



Posted 17 September 2021 at 10:45


Thanks I’ll get to work soon

Posted 17 September 2021 at 14:31


Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you guys it’s just arena has not been so kind with wild cards and drops.

Posted 27 September 2021 at 18:21


Yeah, I get what you mean. I feel like because of the card quality and quantity in rare and mythic rare, rare wildcards have been the true top spot on area since inception. Unless they stop printing 10 rare staples, 5 rare lands and 2 mythic staples per set, this will always be the case.

Posted 27 September 2021 at 19:41


Just for clarification, you're asking for decks for the brawl format built to 99 cards plus the commander right? Under those restrictions this is all I got.

Posted 27 September 2021 at 21:43


Well there is brawl and historic brawl, brawl is cards in standard and is 60 cards but only one copy of each. Historic brawl is like commander.

Posted 28 September 2021 at 02:02


Only difference, historic brawl is actually 100 cards plus commmander for whatever reason.

Posted 28 September 2021 at 05:50


In brawl it is easier to go combo, and wotc/hasbro knows that combo has a certain sale.

Posted 28 September 2021 at 07:29


Really? First I want to say I'm not downvoting you because I disagree, it seems that someone follows you and downvotes every one of your comments. I know a good bit about historic brawl, and the most popular decks by far are golos, esika, kinnian, teferi, winota and one of a few mono red commanders. I pretty much never see a combo deck, or at least have never seen one work to where I could tell what it was trying to do.

Posted 29 September 2021 at 00:23


I was talking about 100 cards vs 60 cards.
It's easier to combo with fewer cards :)

I'm pretty used to the "mass downvotes" it could be related to the argument with thegreatgodloki, but could also be a decoy, since one of the older trolls seems to have shown up this week, dressed in new accounts.

So no worries :)

I've been thinking a lot lately about trying to build a nasty edh combo.
Part of the edh environment seems to have forgotten that the important thing is the sum of the deck, not the commander. The commander is an added bonus if it fits, but building around any commander basically breaks the creativity, so I'm starting to want to crack the environment up a little by actually going to a tournament with something.

Posted 29 September 2021 at 15:40


EDH is not a competitive format by nature. It's a social game. If your lgs has edh pods with prize support and there isn't a clear winner of a pod by turn 4 then it's not a competitive setting.

Also, the commander is an important aspect of the game. That's why it's called commander. If you're sitting down for a casual game, then decks are going to be built around the commander, or a deck is going to be built and a commander is going to be picked based on how well it synergizes with their strategy.

If you want to play competitive commander then you need to find a group that is willing to play at that level. If you just sit down to a casual group at your lgs and bust out your Mizzix High Tide storm deck or your Kess Consultation Oracle deck and kill the table before they get to do anything then, well, they're simply just going to not play with you anymore.

Also, building around a commander does not break creativity. Do you know how many ways you can build around a commander? As an example we'll use Teysa Karlov. You can build her as Tribal, tokens, lifegain, aristocrats, or just have a general sacrifice theme to it. When playing commander at anything other than hyper competitive levels, people generally tend to pick a commander BECAUSE they want to build around it.

Yes, the sum of the deck matters, but if I want to build say, oh I don't know, dragon tribal, then I'm going to play either Scion of the Ur-Dragon, The Ur-Dragon, or Morophon. Then I'm still playing the thing I wanted to play anyway and the commander synergizes and matters for my gameplan.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy Commander. However, if you and the the other players don't communicate on the power level of play they want to engage in it's just going to result in a lot of salty players that will likely never play with whoever didn't accurately communicate again.

Posted 29 September 2021 at 16:07


The meta in Denmark is pretty special.
It's a small country but has a lot of magic players compared to the number of stores, and most of the time stores are the only places where you can experience competitive gaming.

This means that whenever there is a tournament, you will see a number of the best magic players in denmark at the tables. The stores who run it usually tries to make it so that new players get to join, but they have to be quick about it as registering can be pretty fast and the room is filled.

The less played formats compete with this larger structure, and gets visited by the pro players who try to make some easy cash to support their play in their favorite format. So anything with card prices in it lure out the big predators.

Overall it's all pretty toxic and not noob friendly at all.
But for those with a hardened psyche it is "special"

So when most Danes play magic, they set out to destroy.
There is a small number who long for a competition less format and they keep chasing new ones, but whenever one is successfull and cash gets involved, the pro's will track it down and take it out by being top predators taking the cash every time.

The commander/edh you describe isn't possible in Denmark.

If you ever get competitive I suggest you track down the top of the Danish environment and copy their decks.

The day I go into commander, I'd get into it to beat the top decks by using specific hate cards and develop from there.

Posted 29 September 2021 at 16:40


According to my updated Google knowledge, there is exactly 1 pro player in Denmark.

Posted 29 September 2021 at 16:58


Oh, who ?
I guess you are only counting world championships.
In denmark itself there is goddamn too many of them :)

Posted 29 September 2021 at 17:36


Rasmus Sibast. He is/was the only player from Denmark on the list of Magic players with at least 100 pro points before that system was abolished.

And with the new Mythic points system on Arena, Denmark isn't even in the top 25.

Posted 29 September 2021 at 17:56


The guy actually robbed me of a 1st place once, by being better than most.
I had built a statistically made burndeck and faced him in the final.

That event gave me a bit of a following and I managed to convince someone else that building decks with statistics was possible.

That guy played affinity at the time, so I build a statistical brew based on that.
He then got 2nd place while I gained a third place.

That event gave rise to the whole "deckcore & flex slot" way of brewing decks.

It's hard to track down these events as not all of them were officially registered back then.

But I know I got the tournament against sibast registered with planeswalker points.
He was frequently called beast, and was extremely overweight back then. I hear he has lost an extreme amount of weight since then.

In an article by olle råde google for:
Deck tech: thomas enevoldsen
I'm mentioned in the article as "some guy".
I had designed a contest where my black lotus and some moxen were prizes
And as a result the playlist he chose to enter in my contest became his future career in magic.
I got an old post about that competition somewhere.

It's briefly mentioned almost at the bottom of the post.

Posted 29 September 2021 at 18:23


Well I am able to make a 60 card version of the deck if that is ok with you?

Posted 06 October 2021 at 14:15


Sure, copy it if you want to :)
Is it actually buildable on arena

Posted 06 October 2021 at 16:04


I don't know if it's viable in terms of historic, but I would like to see Professor Onyx used as a commander for something. Magecraft is a cool ability.

Feel free to change things to suit the meta, since I have no idea what it's like in Historic.

Posted 29 September 2021 at 18:41


Yes it is I will get to work. Biggest problem is getting all of the wild cards while on a shoe string budget lol.

Posted 01 October 2021 at 00:57


I can make a 60 card version of the deck would that be ok?

Posted 06 October 2021 at 14:12