green white token

by doug.dygas94 on 08 June 2012

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green white token

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Deck discussion for green white token

Hero of Bladehold, Beastmaster Ascention, and True Conviction would be interesting in this deck. Green is great for mana ramping.

Posted 08 June 2012 at 15:39


thank you sir. i am definatly going to add those cards.

Posted 08 June 2012 at 16:55


Tokens are fun and powerful in multiplayer, and I think you have a good start. Here's what I would change if it were my deck:

Cut the following:

*Angel's Mercy - Life gain is an inherently weak mechanic on it's own; it doesn't solve problems, but rather just puts off dealing with them. If you get some life as an added bonus off a different effect, that's great (think Faith's Fetters). But if you cast Angel's Mercy to ward off a creature attacking you, the creature is still going to be there, punching you in the face every following turn, while you're now down a card and in hand. I would play some form of removal instead.

*Timely Reinforcements - You have a token deck, so I don't see your opponents having more creatures than you. As such, I don't think it's going to actually make soldiers for you. That leaves this as mostly just a life gain spell, which I already expressed my disdain for.

*Doomed Traveler - Not a bad card in duels, but this is multiplayer; you want more powerful effects in order to kill your multiple opponents. You don't need to curve out like you do against a single opponent, dropping a dude every turn from the beginning of the game. In most multiplayer games, it's fine to just drop lands/ramp for the first few turns, then just start dropping bombs. I don't see a single 1/1 making an appreciable difference in a game.

* Pollenbright Wings - This card has a few things working against it. One is that it's an aura, and aura's are begging to create card disadvantage for you--if your opponent kills the guy it's on, you lose your creature and the aura itself along with it. The other problem is it's mana cost. I'm not sure it does enough for six mana. You play a lot of small creatures, and because of that, the Wings are only going to be generating one or two tokens a turn. You want more for your mana. If you must use an aura, Verdant Embrace is much better.

* Curse of Exhaustion - unless you play against a lot of combo decks, I just don't see this card being very relevant. Even then, there are better ways to fight combo.

I would look to add the following cards/effects to the deck:

*Removal is important! How would you deal with a card like Ensnaring Bridge, or Night of Soul's Betrayal? You often will have to interact with your opponents in order to keep them from wrecking your gameplan. Having a few flexible removal spells can save a lot of games you otherwise would have lost. Something like Faith's Fetters, Oblivion Ring, or Beast Within would be useful. Aura Shards can be downright evil in a token deck!

*Some card draw would be great. You're in this game for the long haul, and you want to have enough resources to carry you throughout a protracted game. Card draw helps you hit late-game land drops, and helps you bounce back from Wrath of God-type effects. I'd run something like Skullclamp, Mentor of the Meek, Fecundity, Slate of Ancestry.

*Run a few splashier and/or repeatable token-producing cards. As I said earlier, cards like Doomed Traveler just don't amount to much. One of my favorite token-makers is White Sun's Zenith--it's an instant, it makes 2/2's (the extra power adds up quick), it's really efficient, and it reshuffles itself to be used again. With three or four of these in your deck, it will give you an extremely potent late game. Increasing the count of Geist-Honored Monks and Rhys the Redeemeds would also be beneficial.

Posted 10 June 2012 at 00:15