Goblin Tokens

by dragonfodderftw on 14 May 2009

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Deck Description

So anyway this deck pretty much stacks up tokens to win but if that doesn't work Voracious Dragon just finishes things up.
Heres a list of why i put the cards that i did into this deck

Main Deck
Marsh Flitter --> Tokens + Flying
Mogg Fanatic --> gets rid of those mana creatures
Siege-Gang Comander --> amazing
murderous redcap --> again amazing
Mad Auntie --> Regeneration and +1/+1 helps keeps tokens alive
Vexing Shusher --> amazing
Wort, Boggart Auntie --> helps me get back cards like tarfire/Siege-gang commander
Voracious Dragon --> The finisher
Goblin assault --> extra goblins and helps vs WOGs
Grave Pact --> really helpful vs creature based decks especially because i sac alot
Terminate --> extra removal
Dragon fodder --> Obvious
Tarfire --> get rid of those 2/2s or mana creatures
Warren Weirding --> works well with gravepact out, but its still ok by itself

Marsh flitter --> vs flying creatures
Goblin King --> Mountain walk helps alot
Siege-Gang Commander --> just in case i need more tokens
Murderous Redcap --> amazing
Vexing Shusher --> gotta keep let that Voracious Dragon come out vs 5cc
Goblin Assault --> more tokens
Grave Pact --> vs creature based decks
Terminate --> extra removal
Fodder Launch --> helps with some damage

The lands are also a must if you're going to run gravepact in this deck because its heavy on the blacks

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