Mindslaver Control

by Drakedew on 11 October 2010

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Deck Description

Attempted mindslaver abuse. 'Nuff said.

Comments appreciated.

I'm going to try and use no basic lands for the pure fun of it.

If you have any suggestions please make them T2 Standard or they will not be incorporated.

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Deck discussion for Mindslaver Control

drop the following cards:

contagion engine
prototype portal

that should give you 8 slots to play with.

fill those with more efficient and aggressive or techy artifacts that can 2-for-1 your opponent.

4x perilous myr
4x ????

perilous myr is an astounding weenie. two of them on the battlefield can take out a 6/6 or 4 separate small creatures in one combat phase. not to be sniffed at.

for the second slot you need a creature. something with either very good board presence/utility or just some serious staying power. perhaps darksteel sentinel? it's certainly good for surprising your opponent because it has flash and indestructibility. it's probably one of your best protective options now that oblivion ring has rotated.

Posted 11 October 2010 at 19:37


how does dropping 12 cards give me eight slots? and more importantly, how am i supposed to abuse mindslaver without prototype portal? i can understand grindclock and contagion engine but ornithopter?
I would rather drop memnite if i was going to drop a 0 cmc card. ornithopter with steel overseer can create a devastating flyer. and contagion engine is in there mostly because of proliferate. That and another thing for prototype portal to abuse for multiple -1/-1 counter spam.and grindclock is usually overlooked, but once proliferation starts kicking in, i can mill for 10+ and growing each turn.

Posted 12 October 2010 at 02:27


ah yes, 12 slots not 8... meh i was multitasking.

anyway yes. i didn't really explain any reasons for dropping the artifacts i suggested. so here's my reasoning:

contagion engine: fantastic card if you've got a solid threat-curve leading up to it. but in this deck all of your major threats lie at the top of the curve (steel overseer is good utility with other cards but by itself isn't a threat). ultimately this card costs too much for this deck, in my opinion, and could be replaced with cards which more directly interact with your opponent. i.e. threats. something like Lodestone Golem would be a pretty decent alternative.

grindclock: for this card to "work" in a deck, you really need to be building a deck around it. The problem with mill is that unless you maximize the effect into a win condition, you're not actually affecting the board or your opponent in any direct way. you are denying your opponent some cards but the chances are they have 4 copies of their important spells, and mill doesn't stop them from drawing. ultimately this is another card which would be better off if it was replaced with some more threatening, less mana intensive cards.

prototype portal: great card but like most of your deck, it requires the right cards to be in your hand for it to work. most of the time this is a dead draw and you'll be floundering against decks which reliably interact with your board position and place threats. replacing this with a steel-overseer target is probably a good idea.

ornithopter: yes, flying is valid. it's wonderful when it works, but from experience, unless you've got some other way of turning this into a solid threat rather than a one-use chump-blocker then relying on potentially drawing a steel overseer means that this is often a throw-away card which doesn't benefit your board position. memnite is more valid because it can at the very least swing for 1 damage or trade with a llanowar elf without any help from other cards.

and with regards to your comment about prototype portal abusing mindslaver...... just one activation of mindslaver should seal you the game or get you 95% of the way there. if it doesn't, that tells you something about the deck you're using. abusing mindslaver with prototype portal is just a "win more" effect. you shouldn't need to take it that far to have the game under your belt. it's much better to use this slot for threats and damage.

anyway i hope i've helped. my parting advice would be to flesh out the deck with threats and cards which function effectively by themselves without relying on other cards to work. the ultimate goal is to have cards which work great by themselves but work better when combined. be ruthless editing your deck. really look hard at all of the cards and remove the ones which rely too much on other cards just to work.

all the best.

Posted 12 October 2010 at 17:01


Now with your reasoning i can agree to getting rid of grindclock and engine, however, i can't see myself getting rid of prototype portal in the least, and maybe dropping 2 copies of ornithopter. This deck isn't really a tournament deck, it's a deck built to mess with the opponent in a casual setting. I rather like grindclock though. In my highly incomplete purely casual deck i have been able to proliferate up to 7 times a turn. And i don't care what you have, milling for 19 then 12 is pretty scary. Especially with an army of giant ornithopters and memnites getting an additional +9/+9 a turn.

Posted 12 October 2010 at 18:33


Also, Thank you for the suggestions, i will some into effect immediately.

Posted 12 October 2010 at 18:34


heyhey again.

just like to say that for a casual deck this actually looks pretty fun. my suggestions were in line with a more competitive casual setting, where you're playing to have fun but also being the guy with "the deck to beat".

ultimately though, to have such a deck would necessarily require some colour splashed in there.

i spent some time today just re-reading cards from the new set and i've changed my mind about grindclock. it's a pretty powerful card in casual, but to use it you're going to be wanting to get every last droplet of abuse from voltaic keys and cards like twiddle. then you'd be looking at some serious recurring mill without the need to keep constantly expending spells to do your milling. wrap it up with a pinch of mind funeral and hey-presto you've got a deck. haha.

anyway what i'm trying to say is yes, i can see how grindclock could be fun in this deck. same with prototype portal although i think the portal will be a dead card in your hand more times than the clock. perhaps if you fancy the clock as a win condition, you should up the voltaic key count to 4.... that way your steel overseers look meaner as well. you can mix proliferate effects with untap effects to get those two cards just ramping everything up insanely.

and i'm surprised you haven't stuck a planeswalker in there =D. tezzeret?

Posted 13 October 2010 at 12:59


I unfortunately don't have much anything from alara block. I just joined magic for the first time in march and have found a love for mirrodin. I've actually tried trading for tezzerets but everyone keeps saying no cuase they think they are going to be reprinted in mirrodin besieged.
And prototype portal isn't just for mindslaver. Imagine, if you will, steel overseer, grindclock, heck even voltaic key, if you have a chalice with four charge counters just tap it pay 1 for voltaic from a portal then untap portal, create another, then untap the chalice, rinse, repeat. mixed with proliferate, you can get infinate mana flowing.
Prototype can also cause an army of memnites/ornithopters or wurmcoils.
All of these are purely seculation, however, i have pulled off the mindslaver abuse, and it was fun as heck.

Posted 13 October 2010 at 19:12


Edited to have more of a proliferation feel.

Posted 13 October 2010 at 19:14


That prototype Portal is such a ridiculous card. My dad uses it and a tumble magnet. He gets like, 12 copies, taps all my stuff, then bombs me with sunblast angel. I die a little inside every time. :(

Good looking deck. And I appreciate all of the constructive comments you got. Usually you get stuff like "this deck sux qit magik n00b."

Keep up the good work.


Posted 16 October 2010 at 14:33


Yeah, awesome comments, fun deck. I like everything that's happening here.

Posted 17 October 2010 at 01:24


I would suggest putting in a copy or two of mirrorworks from the new mirrodin Besieged set in. It can really help get more artifacts out only not as much for the mythic rares, darn rules.

Posted 21 February 2011 at 13:34