Ballista Zenith

by drakeraenes on 19 August 2017

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Deck Description

So a while back I tried to find a way to make Gilder Bairn a primary focus in a modern competitive deck, and I just haven't had much luck on that front. However, it did lead to this very interesting build. Don't let it fool you, because it WORKS! I tested this for several days straight, making adjustments as I went until I got a smooth running machine. It averages turn 4 wins about 70+% of the time, which isn't the greatest, but it works.

How to Play

You need 3 things to make the deck engine, and then one additional card to start the combo off.

You need:
1. Pili-Pala
2. Training Grounds
3. Paradise Mantle or Cryptolith Rite

That's your main engine. Infinite mana. Now you need a way to use it, and you have two options.

Dig for your Win Con:
1. Blue Sun's Zenith
2. Mystic Speculation and Gitaxian Probe.

Play your Win Con
1. Walking Ballista

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  • Not Legal in Standard
  • Not Legal in Modern
  • Not Legal in Vintage
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