Sanguine bond vampire

by Droc420 on 08 July 2013

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Felidar Sovereign1x Felidar SovereignCreature — Cat Beast$0.68$1.45$7.00
Blood Baron of Vizkopa1x Blood Baron of VizkopaCreature — Vampire$0.19$0.75$15.88
Chancellor of the Dross1x Chancellor of the DrossCreature — Vampire$0.40$0.83$5.00
Tithe Drinker4x Tithe DrinkerCreature — Vampire$0.36$0.92$6.80
Vampire Nighthawk4x Vampire NighthawkCreature — Vampire$0.56$2.00$14.36
Guul Draz Vampire4x Guul Draz VampireCreature — Vampire Rogue$0.44$0.96$5.36
Kalastria Highborn4x Kalastria HighbornCreature — Vampire Shaman$8.76$15.96$34.20
Sangromancer4x SangromancerCreature — Vampire Shaman$1.00$3.20$20.00
Exquisite Blood2x Exquisite BloodEnchantment$39.00$50.30$69.98
Sanguine Bond2x Sanguine BondEnchantment$0.98$2.50$8.90
Condemn3x CondemnInstant$0.42$1.02$5.10
Swords to Plowshares4x Swords to PlowsharesInstant$5.36$10.00$79.96
Sign in Blood4x Sign in BloodSorcery$0.20$0.92$10.00
Caves of Koilos4x Caves of KoilosLand$2.00$7.28$1,781.60
Fetid Heath4x Fetid HeathLand$25.60$37.12$140.00
Orzhov Basilica4x Orzhov BasilicaLand$0.52$1.24$1,778.28
Reflecting Pool2x Reflecting PoolLand$25.20$30.40$37.78
Godless Shrine4x Godless ShrineLand — Plains Swamp$35.96$47.96$554.80
Scrubland4x ScrublandLand — Plains Swamp$0.00$0.00$0.00