The Showstopper

by Fancyskate on 31 January 2019

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Gilded Lotus1x Gilded LotusArtifact$2.15$3.99$14.01
Jet Medallion1x Jet MedallionArtifact$23.82$26.64$47.64
Mind Stone1x Mind StoneArtifact$0.50$1.33$2.99
Rakdos Cluestone1x Rakdos CluestoneArtifact$0.03$0.19$4.23
Rakdos Keyrune1x Rakdos KeyruneArtifact$0.03$0.25$35.00
Rakdos Locket1x Rakdos LocketArtifact$0.02$0.20$5.00
Rakdos Signet1x Rakdos SignetArtifact$0.49$1.50$6.55
Sol Ring1x Sol RingArtifact$1.50$3.17$999.99
Blade of Selves1x Blade of SelvesArtifact — Equipment$13.98$16.63$20.00
Indulgent Tormentor1x Indulgent TormentorCreature - Demon$0.25$0.56$1.59
Rune-Scarred Demon1x Rune-Scarred DemonCreature - Demon$2.75$4.64$10.16
Archfiend of Depravity1x Archfiend of DepravityCreature — Demon$0.60$1.63$5.99
Archfiend of Despair1x Archfiend of DespairCreature — Demon$19.97$23.25$33.24
Bloodgift Demon1x Bloodgift DemonCreature — Demon$0.75$1.51$4.55
Demon of Dark Schemes1x Demon of Dark SchemesCreature — Demon$0.35$1.15$5.00
Desecration Demon1x Desecration DemonCreature — Demon$0.25$0.77$4.99
Dread Cacodemon1x Dread CacodemonCreature — Demon$2.00$3.06$6.50
Herald of Anguish1x Herald of AnguishCreature — Demon$0.37$1.04$10.90
Lord of the Void1x Lord of the VoidCreature — Demon$8.86$11.00$17.36
Master of Cruelties1x Master of CrueltiesCreature — Demon$7.00$8.53$15.99
Pestilence Demon1x Pestilence DemonCreature — Demon$0.10$0.50$2.75
Reaper from the Abyss1x Reaper from the AbyssCreature — Demon$0.75$1.51$3.09
Reiver Demon1x Reiver DemonCreature — Demon$0.75$1.20$4.25
Sire of Insanity1x Sire of InsanityCreature — Demon$0.15$0.99$5.00
Sower of Discord1x Sower of DiscordCreature — Demon$2.00$4.49$11.86
Spawn of Mayhem1x Spawn of MayhemCreature — Demon$1.50$2.82$19.99
Magus of the Coffers1x Magus of the CoffersCreature — Human Wizard$2.52$5.00$8.99
Doom Whisperer1x Doom WhispererCreature — Nightmare Demon$2.89$4.48$27.00
Crypt Ghast1x Crypt GhastCreature — Spirit$5.00$6.59$12.00
Black Market1x Black MarketEnchantment$3.30$5.14$18.68
Captive Audience1x Captive AudienceEnchantment$0.45$1.99$5.63
Heartless Summoning1x Heartless SummoningEnchantment$0.89$1.90$8.00
Liliana's Contract1x Liliana's ContractEnchantment$0.14$1.00$50.00
Mirror March1x Mirror MarchEnchantment$0.20$0.74$4.99
Necropotence1x NecropotenceEnchantment$24.12$27.66$39.94
Rain of Gore1x Rain of GoreEnchantment$2.69$4.12$9.99
Sarkhan's Unsealing1x Sarkhan's UnsealingEnchantment$0.10$0.63$5.00
Cauldron Dance1x Cauldron DanceInstant$0.08$0.27$2.09
Chaos Warp1x Chaos WarpInstant$0.74$1.81$4.99
Macabre Mockery1x Macabre MockeryInstant$0.02$0.25$5.00
Terminate1x TerminateInstant$0.30$0.73$2.99
Undying Evil1x Undying EvilInstant$0.10$0.33$2.00
Elbrus, the Binding Blade1x Elbrus, the Binding BladeLegendary Artifact - Equipment$0.00$0.00$0.00
Ob Nixilis, the Fallen1x Ob Nixilis, the FallenLegendary Creature - Demon$10.49$12.66$19.99
Razaketh, the Foulblooded1x Razaketh, the FoulbloodedLegendary Creature - Demon$15.63$20.06$34.50
Malfegor1x MalfegorLegendary Creature - Demon Dragon$0.10$0.50$4.99
Ob Nixilis, Unshackled1x Ob Nixilis, UnshackledLegendary Creature — Demon$4.00$6.11$9.99
Rakdos the Defiler1x Rakdos the DefilerLegendary Creature — Demon$0.75$1.99$5.99
Rakdos, Lord of Riots1x Rakdos, Lord of RiotsLegendary Creature — Demon$1.57$2.58$6.38
Demonlord Belzenlok1x Demonlord BelzenlokLegendary Creature — Elder Demon$0.50$1.39$6.93
Whip of Erebos1x Whip of ErebosLegendary Enchantment Artifact$2.58$4.49$13.79
Erebos, God of the Dead1x Erebos, God of the DeadLegendary Enchantment Creature — God$6.90$8.80$15.00
Ob Nixilis Reignited1x Ob Nixilis ReignitedPlaneswalker — Nixilis$0.18$1.41$9.00
Demonic Tutor1x Demonic TutorSorcery$33.29$38.00$47.43
Dreadbore1x DreadboreSorcery$1.16$2.84$9.99
In Garruk's Wake1x In Garruk's WakeSorcery$0.50$1.25$4.99
Kindred Dominance1x Kindred DominanceSorcery$15.89$18.00$32.73
Last One Standing1x Last One StandingSorcery$0.70$1.92$4.99
Living Death1x Living DeathSorcery$3.25$4.43$9.00
Patriarch's Bidding1x Patriarch's BiddingSorcery$22.72$25.57$31.99
Rakdos's Return1x Rakdos's ReturnSorcery$0.20$1.03$8.99
Rise of the Dark Realms1x Rise of the Dark RealmsSorcery$12.98$15.96$39.99
Smallpox1x SmallpoxSorcery$0.10$0.42$5.00
Mountain10x MountainBasic Land — Mountain$1.20$3.40$9,999.90
Swamp15x SwampBasic Land — Swamp$1.05$5.25$14,999.85
Cabal Coffers1x Cabal CoffersLand$64.69$77.09$99.41
Cabal Stronghold1x Cabal StrongholdLand$1.49$3.47$7.85
Command Tower1x Command TowerLand$0.25$0.91$381.00
Dragonskull Summit1x Dragonskull SummitLand$1.85$3.23$9.76
Path of Ancestry1x Path of AncestryLand$0.50$2.83$9.99
Rakdos Carnarium1x Rakdos CarnariumLand$0.11$0.25$1.70
Tainted Peak1x Tainted PeakLand$2.48$3.83$9.99
Westvale Abbey1x Westvale AbbeyLand$3.79$5.90$10.44
Rakdos Guildgate1x Rakdos GuildgateLand — Gate$0.00$0.00$0.00
Blood Crypt1x Blood CryptLand — Swamp Mountain$10.75$14.87$20.89
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth1x Urborg, Tomb of YawgmothLegendary Land$22.51$26.72$39.99