For all Intet's Purposes

by Flarhoon on 11 May 2017

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Deck Description

Timmy's idea of fun! Timmy, with help from Johnny and Spike, can put an Emrakul, the Promised End on top of his deck with Mwonvuli Beast Tracker, Worldly Tutor, or, if he has Emrakul, the Promised End in hand, using Brainstorm or the on-theme, Dream Cache for Intet, the Dreamer's ability. Mystical Tutor can get Dragonstorm for Intet or make a Temporal Mastery miracle. Reclaim can get a card back from the grave for an Intet, the Dreamer trigger as well. Dragonstorm for two is not bad, but we can go bigger--I have gotten to five in my first week playing this deck. Time magic, i.e. extra turns, Time Warp and Temporal Mastery can be very powerful with some dragons out (they put a man on the moon, ya know? Also old news), like Utvara Hellkite. No X spells means Intet, the dreamer never whiffs. Stunt double is awesome, good to have flash creatures under intet, the dreamer. Last weekend Stunt double copied a Kilnmouth Dragon with 12 +1/+1 counters on it. Yes, I amplified again, it came in the same turn cycle, care of a Lurking Predators that had survived two turn cycles--very unhealthy for my opponents. Timmy!!! The two Kilnmouth Dragons were Crib-Swapped care of a Hive Mind, but not before they took out a Nekusar the Mindrazer player who was planning to ruin my day. Utvara Hellkite got value out of the changeling tokens crib-swap left behind, too.

At its FNM debut, it finished second in a six player game. I would've probably won but I made a mistake. I should have targeted the Baral player who had a full grip of cards with Emrakul, the Promised End's Mindslaver ability. Use Blasphemous Act or Devastation Tide early or if you've fallen behind, this deck does not have much of an early board presence. Killing everything for one red mana feels good. Then... DRAGONS!!!

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Unravel the Aether is also in the deck.

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