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Mushroom and trees lavourful deck

Hi all!

So this is one of my first attemps to make a deck.... And I love mushrooms, growing and foraging, and wanted to make a flavourful deck that had basically mushrooms, and their environment, trees and treefolk... To be played with friends but still as mighty s possible. But I am honestly struggling to fit everything in properly.... And no clue about which spells to choose! Any feedback is welcomed.
So far I got something like this:

Lands x20
[[Murmuring Bosk]] x4
[[Stirring Wildwood]] x2
[[Evolving wilds]] x2
[[Krosan verge]] x2
Forest x6
Plain x2
Swamp x2


[[Verdeloth the Ancient]]
[[Unstoppable Ash]]
[[Orchard warden]]
[[Leaf Crowned Elder]]
[[Treefolk Harbinger]]
[[Bosk Banneret]]
[[Dountless Dourbark]]
[[Timber protector]]
[[Indomitable ancients]]
[[Great Oak Guardian]]/ [[Cloudcrown Oak]]

Fungi I really wasnt sure here, not sure if mushrooms would be better represented in this deck by little ones that create saprolings and that is it, or if it is more convenient to keep the good ones in... so had those ideas so far. Also wanted to keep all as mushroomy as possible.

[[Mycologist]] x1 Essential for the theme I am aiming for, was thinking of 2 of these.
[[Thallid Shell-Dweller]] x2 Benefits from using toughness to power up along with treefolk?
[[Corpsejack menace]] x3
[[Ghave, Guru of Spores]] x2
[[Mycoloth]] x2

Enchantments/Spells... The same for this, trying to keep it as mushroom foresty as possible.
[pGrow from the Ashes]] is very tempting for this reason... but having other fedges....
[[Seed Spark]] ? [[Lignify]] ? [[Saproling symbiosis]] ?? [[Reach of branches]] ?? [[Rootgrapple]] ?? [[Fungal Sprouting]] [[Fungal plots]] [[Luminiscent Rain]] [[Verdant embrace]] [[Infect]] [[Pollenbright wings]] [[Whirlwind]] Was thinking of adding something like Wrath of god or something to clean up the other's cards while having the [Timber Protector] ... Thoughts?
And for more multiplayer [[Sheltering Ancient]] [[Heartwood storyteller]] [[Collective Voyage]] ??

Well, please I would appreciate any feedback. Playing 60 cards, not much restriction... Also potenetially could make it into an EDH deck? But my pals do not really have those although we could probably get into that.

The budget is around 40 bucks...

Thanks in advance.

All the best.
Posted 24 August 2018 at 14:16


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