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This thread is designed to give people with deck builders’ block some inspiration for fun deck themes. Throw ideas out there for those people struggling to find a deck to make!
Posted 10 October 2018 at 16:10


Trostani from Guilds of Ravnica - use every blink effect to make a ton of tokens
Vaevectis Asmadi the dire- Gitrog monster +Titania + Omnath (locus of rage obviously), or use lord windgrace as the Commander.
Lazav the Multifarious - Training grounds and phyrexian dreadnaught are cards.
Ooze tribal
Damia - have 80% of your deck be ramp because Damia has crazy card draw.
Sigarda host of herons - make yourself and all of your cards unbeatable by getting every shroud and indestructible card like greater auramancy and privileged position with shielded by faith and avacyn.
The card Pariah - ridiculous with indestructible creatures.

Soulflayer + zetalpa
Path to exile + wasteland strangler
Soul scar mage + pyrohemia + melira
Retreat to coral helm + knight of the reliquary +ruin ghost + hedron crab + lotus cobra
As foretold + ancestral vision
Sun titan + phantasmal image (in the graveyard)
Madcap experiment + platinum empirion
Madcap combo + scapeshift + living end
Posted 02 November 2018 at 16:06