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Thumbs up's...?

Whats up with the users on this site? I'm beginning to see that nobody takes the time to like any decks on here unless they are tier 1 competitive... And even then its few and far between.

I have decks with over a 1,000 views... With 1 like. I originally thought it was because perhaps the deck isnt built to go for the fastest or easiest win con said deck could have. However my decks mentioned win 97% of matches I play them in. So I now know it's just plain laziness of those looking to not click the thumbs up... Or people just dont know a beast deck when they see one. Either way it makes this site slightly lamer knowing that its users cant even take a second to thumbs up a deck or leave a comment as to why they dont like... Or do like a deck. Rant over lol good day??
Posted 04 October 2019 at 10:13


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