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More frequent informations on site updates, changes, and development

It's really frustrating for me seeing so many good ideas on how to improve this in the forum and not getting any information on what can/ will be done, when it will be done, and so on.

Here are some examples (from the past 2 years, I didn't go back further)
Advanced card search (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10331)
Token Proxies (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10320)
MTGO/ Arena Import (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10291)
Pauper Legality Check (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10254) / (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10104)
Arena Legality Check (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10258)
Reordering Decks/ Frontpage (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10256)
Linking cards with an apostroph in their names
Custom Categories (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10222)
Search for multiple tags (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10193)
Make card-links available for deck description (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10194)
Rarity count (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10202)
Splinters Thread (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10218)
Deck likes (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10186)
Deck sumbission limit (https://www.mtgvault.com/forum/thread.aspx?ftid=10160)
Notifications on forum messages (I know that I've written a thread on this, but I can't find it at the moment)
Notification on Card issues (Again it's frustrating reporting an error and not getting any information when the damned thing is done)
Posted 05 February 2021 at 11:01


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