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"Your" trolls also haunt mtggoldfish...

They basically use the same kind of spamming as here, except your platform has allowed them to have much more fun, by having a voice, and being able to revisit their favourite spam.

It also means, your place is more or less their office, from which they operate and build up a large amount of spam with which they dominate other places.

The purpose is to manipulate the meta by flooding sites with crap.

On mtggoldfish they've run a longer campaign to flood pauper with a series of cards using "you get the initiative".

I'm about to make users of mtggoldfish aware of their presence, which is likely to double the trolls workload, so they will be less active in here.

You might have noticed a drop in activity in here as well as I've been waging war against them by disrupting one of their many "memory banks" in here by simply viewing pages with the following points of views:
111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888 and 999.

The trolls have responded by trying to restock those camps by adding 99 views to them so that posts from view 111 become 222 and so on.

The activity of that war can be seen simply by searching for decks with views numbering.
112, 223, 334 445, 556, 667, 778, 889 and 1000.

If you study some of these pages you will get a good idea of how much fun they are having it here.

I suggest that you, yourself or a member of your staff reach out to mtggoldfish. They have a larger staff, and I'm certain that they too want our little haters to be gone.

It might be possible that your two companies can trace interactions between both of your sites in a more clear way, opening up the possibility of being able to hurt those fuckers...
Posted 17 September 2022 at 15:32


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