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Take a bow and some credit ;)

I rarely compliment the work of others because I tend to find my own work "better"

But congratulations on your "draw sample hand".

Back when I was running simulations on my own magic stuff, I discovered that I had some fears that my computer manacurves would one day become too perfect to reflect reality. But luckily that never happened.

However since I've started running my simulations by using paperstrips instead of a computer, the longtime exposure of testing low manacurves has given me a 6th sense of some sorts.

Your "draw sample hand" feels real to me. When I have a deck I feel that I trust your system well enough to use it to evaluate my deck.

Since I've been having my war with the deck spammers I've been waging war with them on mtggoldfish, and here's the thing.

Their "draw sample hand" seems weighted to me.

I'm currently building a deck with 9 swamps and 9 mountains, and when I draw sample hands on your site, they feel exactly like if I were drawing from my deck in real life. There are nothing that grinds my gear on your site.

But typing the exact same deck into mtggoldfish and running a sample hand there gives me some very raised eyebrows.

Using an 18 land deck on mtggoldfish there is a higher % of zero land hands than there is on your site and in my real life basement.

To increase suspicion, almost all decks on their site has 17 lands, and when you run samples on a 17 land deck it produces less zero-land hands than an 18 land deck which shouldn't be possible, but it's pretty solid that that's how their sampler presents it.

It might be a bug, but to an old paranoid like me, when something doesn't fit into the picture, then it's time to question motives.

Over the last few years my trust in mtgvault as a place to meet reliable people has dropped, but my trust in you as a site owner has kept crawling upwards.

Your work on the "sample draw engine" has my full respect, and I will be able to use it to discredit the engines of other sites.
Something fishy has been going on for a long time in my magic environment, and your work will be valuable as a comparison.

Posted 14 November 2022 at 06:11


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