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Update on the "views war"

For those unaware of the currently hidden war between me and the trolls here and at mtggoldfish.

The trolls have actively chased out everyone except the most stubborn individuals.
They keep spamming whenever someone posts an interesting deck (or article) but has built up a system to return to spammed decks after a while.

First stage is the spam, which decrease the odds of people seeing the decks.

Second stage, once a deck leaves the active pages, they view it a certain amount of times, and since someone has tricked gary into having a search engine that can search for very specific numbers of views, likes and comments, these all serve as bookmarks in the trolls archive.

I've been attacking this archive for a while, to a degree that they've started to communicate which viewpoints to follow outside of mtgvault (more precisely on mtggoldfish)

For a small period of time they've been using accounts and titles that convey numbers referring to these view-locations, but each time they do, I've registered that view in an archive of my own.

This war is rather complex, but the essence of it is that no matter what they try, I'm seeking them out and disrupting their archive.

I recommend that you get rid of the parts of the search engine that are "obscure" it serves no real purpose to be able to search for any number of views, likes or comments as trolls only pump up their own likes, views and down vote everyone else comments.

The popularity contests in here are sort of over, so having these features only serve the trolls.

As always, I'm willing to take you through a tour of their system so you can make up your mind about it.
One sideeffect of this system is that they have created a large number of scrapyards where they place articles by adjusting the viewpoints.

The day that you are ready I can give you a number of views numbers where they store a shitload of crap.

You can also built up a program that counts how many decks are having the same amount of views, which will allow you to map out these archives and then you'll naturally stumble on the scrapyards by yourself.

The trolls will certainly not leave as long as they can set up shop.
Posted 16 April 2023 at 10:58


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