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Troll finds...

Originally there were two trolls, whom ingeniously named themselves one and two, and during 2006 they were busy building up a number of fake accounts based on a rather simple key...

Using variations like
Its1, its2, im1, im2, ir1, ir2, ima1, ima2, is1, is2 they laid the foundation for a system that would be used by others around the next years as the group expanded.

I'm analysing all the data surrounding these keys, making sure to collect them all.

These keys also "happen" to correlate with the "views-archive" I've been pretending to attack it in order to study the system without raising the alarm, by looking at the stuff and then giving it some more views.

The views archive is a nice little invention, created by the trolls to be able to easily navigate older posts by themselves and others.
When a deck leaves the active page, our trolls then put a certain number of views on them so that they can find it again later, and this is where I suspect it might be an inside job, because there is a "bug" that is keeping certain decks from counting up in views, so this means someone has the access to the tools of being able to view decks without creating new views which is a way to keep the structure intact for private use.

All of this is giving the trolls a two step tool.

First whenever someone post something interesting they spam a bunch of randomly made junk (I've seen their 2010 tools for this) to make it unlikely that someone else reads that post, then they place it it the views archive for their "librarian" to go through it, and the "librarian" is likely to be part of the programming team.

Among the many things I'm researching is the date of death of one of the group members. I've seen memorials enough to guess that the team fondly remembers the guy, which is a weakness I'm going to exploit. After all they will be likely to post these memorials on the date of death. There's two approaches to this, finding their memorials and looking at the output of that troll, because his output will likely have stopped at the date of his death, and by combing through his personal keys I can find his death day or day where he was last alive. Knowing that one thing will be the key to getting personal with this group...
Posted 24 April 2023 at 09:37


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