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All the empty "Test decks"

I'm fairly sure that a large number of test decks belongs to trolls.

There are two reasons for this:

When the troll views archive was in it's early stages and people were more curious about the amount of views, the trolls needed to know if a view count was less frequented by the curious than by others.

Since the trolls already created countless fake accounts, why not use it to monitor the whole system ?

A second feature to this is obviously that it's also serving as spam. Anyone can upvote an empty testdeck to add spam to the scene if needed.

Once the archive was built, most of these fell out of use, and the trolls started to collect them together within certain view numbers.
There are wast scrapyards filled with these all over the place.

If you get curious and want to see an example simply search for decknames, accountnames tags or even cardnames containing the word test

You'll be surprised at the number of these type of decks.
They've been steadily created since 2006...

I suggest that you do what mtggoldfish did to avoid being plastered by empty decks or decks featuring a few cards.

On mtggoldfish you cannot make a deck public unless it contains at least 60 cards.
They have also added a second security filter by only making it possible to display a format legal deck.

If you want to pull some nice revenge on the trolls you could implement this feature to work retroactively, removing all the troll spam dumped over the years by shifting all illegal decks to private.

In one nice sweep you could clean up this place and do some beautiful revenge at the same time.

Posted 24 April 2023 at 15:20


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