Kaalia of the Vast EDH

by Fuff on 26 July 2016

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Deck Description

I recently was started playing commander and first started with commander 2015. I loved it so much that I looked into it more. I loved Mardi colors and scrolled around for an awesome commander, found kaalia. I also love dragons, angels, and demons.

This is artifact heavy in my opinion to make a lot of different mana, this is also heavy on tap lands that provide colors I need and saw amulet of vigor which I believe make an awesome combo.

I use a lot of spot removal and I wait to set up so that kaalia comes with haste. Also artifacts ramp up the mana so that I can also bring other threats on board without heavily relying on just my commander.

I utilize some draw power with painful truth, read the bones, and underworld connections to draw pieces I need. I also have haste enablers such as hammer of porphorous and dragon tempest.

Cards I was thinking of using are:
God's willing
Apostle blessing
Whispersilk cloak
Planar clensing
Sneak attack
Sorin, the grim nemesis
Sarkhan, the dragon speaker
Diabolical servitude

How to Play

I set up my plays with the signets. I remove threats and have opponents play their threats against each other to the point I can cast kaalia with little worry. I would be hard casting some my creatures and bring them back with reanimation spells. Whip of erebos let's me gain a lot of life.

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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