Hammer time

by Gandolphe on 11 July 2019

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Deck Description

Just meddling with my cheerios deck to see what it would be like to have colossus hammer in it.

This version of the deck adds two new ways to win (on top of the regular Grapeshot combo). Assuming there is a Puresteel Paladin in play then play:
A) Lightning Serpent + 2x Colossus Hammer
B) Crimson Wisps (targeting Puresteel, if needed) + 2x Colossus Hammer
Both of these ways can win just as fast as Grapeshot with the only drawback being they require an extra mana at worst (which I figured is not a huge drawback considering the deck).

Would appreciate any feedback to improve this deck. Thanks!

Here's my original Cheerios deck if interested:

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