Creatures In the Mist

by geezer48 on 12 January 2021

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Deck Description

Mono Blue Voltron Beatdown deck to be played in a casual environment. Mistform Ultimate makes all your other creatures into lords and powers up very quickly. You can add combos and more tricks to the deck to play with competitive decks, or take out many of the expensive cards for budget restraint. This build is a fair deck that attacks constantly , can play defense and is fun to pilot.

How to Play

Play out your creatures as you get them, and your commander as soon as possible if you have some protection for him. Misty usually doesn't draw excess hate until he reaches the 2 hit general kill level ( usually 2-or 3 turns after he is out). You have a few protection spells, equips and counters so use them only when needed. Try to keep 1 or 2 buff lords in your hand to prevent a huge board wipe and only over commit when you can alpha strike. This deck epitomizes Jank casual magic and be honed easily to anyone's style and power level, but not super competitive. Enjoy the mist.....

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  • Mono Blue
  • Voltron
  • Casual
  • Fun

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The downvote troll has liked a lot of someone's decks in order to bury one of my decks that taunt him.
Because your deck was below mine, it was also buried.

I'm compensating by sending you (and some others) this message, which will put you back on top of the displayed decks.

If you are curious about the post, it's named:

Downvotetroll cant get it up-

The full title was supposed to be

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