Myr Myr on the Wall

by herky05 on 03 December 2019

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How to Play

This deck focuses around a combo: At least one Myr Galvanizer, at least one Clock of Omens, at least two mana Myr (such as Iron Myr) or one Palladium Myr, and two of any Myr. First tap the two mana Myr, then spend one Nana and tap Myr Galvanizer to untap the two mana Myr. You now have one mana left. Now use Clock of Omens and two of any Myr to untap the Galvanizer. You can tap the two mana Myr and use one of the mana and Galvanizer to untap all of your Myr. You now have two mana... And so on. Voila, infinite mana. Play a Myr Propagator, and you now have infinite 1/1 Myr creatures. Add a Throne of the God-Pharaoh, then to do your creatures with Clock of Omens, end your turn and your opponent loses life equal to the number of creatures you have - as many as you need due to the Propagator. With Oracle's Vault (on the sideboard), you can play as much of your library as you want without paying any mana costs. Everything in the combo costs four mana or less, and the cards are priced very cheap; the most expensive card is $1.09.

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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