Sultai Uro

by Hunns on 08 September 2020

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Snapcaster Mage1x Snapcaster MageCreature — Human Wizard$56.99$70.28$130.00
Abrupt Decay2x Abrupt DecayInstant$7.98$12.74$29.98
Archmage's Charm3x Archmage's CharmInstant$36.00$47.58$89.97
Cling to Dust1x Cling to DustInstant$0.16$0.43$10.28
Cryptic Command3x Cryptic CommandInstant$74.97$87.00$167.73
Drown in the Loch1x Drown in the LochInstant$1.24$2.25$11.90
Fatal Push4x Fatal PushInstant$7.96$14.32$54.12
Force of Negation3x Force of NegationInstant$222.03$270.63$680.97
Remand1x RemandInstant$3.25$4.86$11.99
Mana Leak2x Mana LeakInterrupt$0.30$0.92$9.98
Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath4x Uro, Titan of Nature's WrathLegendary Creature — Elder Giant$39.96$58.96$295.96
Jace, the Mind Sculptor2x Jace, the Mind SculptorPlaneswalker — Jace$123.00$159.58$339.98
Bloodchief's Thirst1x Bloodchief's ThirstSorcery$0.17$0.48$10.36
Damnation1x DamnationSorcery$24.95$37.00$53.48
Thoughtseize3x ThoughtseizeSorcery$40.80$56.37$2,999.97
Forest1x ForestBasic Land — Forest$0.00$0.00$0.00
Island1x IslandBasic Land — Island$0.00$0.00$0.00
Snow-Covered Forest1x Snow-Covered ForestBasic Snow Land — Forest$0.46$1.49$9.99
Snow-Covered Island2x Snow-Covered IslandBasic Snow Land — Island$2.00$3.98$25.98
Snow-Covered Swamp1x Snow-Covered SwampBasic Snow Land — Swamp$0.70$1.52$9.99
Field of Ruin2x Field of RuinLand$0.50$1.58$20.92
Field of the Dead2x Field of the DeadLand$24.00$34.00$79.10
Flooded Grove1x Flooded GroveLand$7.89$11.08$35.00
Flooded Strand1x Flooded StrandLand$32.00$39.99$100.00
Misty Rainforest4x Misty RainforestLand$151.96$251.96$399.96
Polluted Delta4x Polluted DeltaLand$164.20$211.88$399.96
River of Tears1x River of TearsLand$4.50$5.71$8.86
Breeding Pool2x Breeding PoolLand — Forest Island$41.90$50.80$89.98
Mystic Sanctuary2x Mystic SanctuaryLand — Island$0.34$2.00$35.98
Sunken Hollow1x Sunken HollowLand — Island Swamp$0.90$1.50$4.91
Watery Grave1x Watery GraveLand — Island Swamp$10.95$15.00$29.99
Zagoth Triome1x Zagoth TriomeLand — Swamp Forest Island$11.00$14.60$24.99