by JamesLTR on 30 October 2012

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Deck Description

This deck has 3 ways to win the game:
Vraska tokens
Azor's Elocutors (Only just included this so yet to try winning with it)
Door (Main win con)

The aim is to clog the field with blockers whilst having all the mana, then door or use a field spell and swing with tokens.

I'm really open and looking for suggestions about what may help it in the current metagame! I'm thinking possibly syncopates may be good but have no clue so would love ideas :)

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Deck discussion for Winning

One of the best door decks I've seen. My only advice would be to play some tutor or some blue spell like intuition to fetch the door.

Posted 30 October 2012 at 20:07


Maybe put some counter spells (Dissipate or Syncopate) incase somebody tries to clear your board of defenders with supreme verdict or terminus or tries to destroy your artifacts.

Posted 31 October 2012 at 00:20


Supreme verdict is uncounterable for a start :P usually i find the artifcat destruction they have is an oblivion ring, which flops to an end step cyclonic rift anyways. I managed to aquire 1 of each shockland and a full set of mortars by now, and games are going well. Also added a sphinxes revelation for more draw power, and a nicol bolas as an alternate win con. Looking for some slaughter games (mainly to stop thragtusk) and a devils play or two as an alternate win condition now. :)

Posted 10 November 2012 at 22:23


i like it. i would add a few more defenders though and something to possibly make your vraska tokens unblockable. maybe rogue's passage?

Posted 11 December 2013 at 06:08