Eyes Everywhere!

by JMFJ on 23 January 2019

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Deck Description

Made for MTG ARENA. Build around Eyes Everywhere and Wilderness Reclamation.

How to Play

This deck is trying to take control with big cards! It require some skills to work as well because it's by the end of turns that magic happen!
Basically this is a mana-ramp deck but focused on control rather than playing big creatures.

Turn 1 : Evolving Wilds and search for a blue or forest usually
Turn 2 : Land, Search for Azcanta
Turn 3 : Land, Gift of Paradise
Turn 4 : Land, Wilderness Reclamation - End of turn or during opponent turn play Chemister's Insight
Turn 5 : From here you can stack 12 mana at end of turn and play Nexus of Fate, with some luck it can be GG right there!

Other than that I often survive anything because of 2 River's Rebuke, 2 Star of Extinction and 3 fogs.
A combo I like is to Wipe everything with Star of Extinction, untap lands by end of turn with Wilderness Reclamation, Then in opponent turn play Electrodominance for X = 5 and drop The Mirari Conjecture, take back Electrodominance, Etc....

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  • Arena
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Deck discussion for Eyes Everywhere!

First Constructed Event : 7 wins / 2 losses Lose vs Pure Red aggro/direct and Lose vs Pure White (Adanto Vanguard). Won vs Mono Blue (Counter spells, Djinns and Unblockables) I'm really happy about this one!

Posted 24 January 2019 at 09:17