Thousand-Year Extinction

by JMFJ on 11 January 2019

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Deck Description

Made for MTGA ARENA. Build around Thousand-Year Storm.

How to Play

The goal is to drop on battlefield Primal Amulet, The Mirarri Conjecture and/or Thousand-Year Storm. To achieve a victory I would likely play a maximum of low cost instant/sorcery spells to make as many copies as posible of Pirate's Pillage combined with Thousand-Year Storm and draw a bunch of cards and make a lot of treasures. With thoses ressources and stacked storm it's really easy to draw more cards or kill anything right away! At some point you could cast the Brass's Bounty and make over 100 treasures easy!

Another scenario is to transform the Primal Amulet and to pay Fight with Fire kicked with it. Here is 20 damage that you can divide anywhere! Otherwise a Pirate's Pillage copîed always worth it is as you will only discard once and stack it's positive effects on each copies.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I will add another Star of Extinction as soon as available.

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